July 27, 2017


SOWA28Jim Olson is a ranch-raised cowboy, author, promoter and entrepreneur. He grew up on the high plains of eastern New Mexico, learning to ride young colts, tend to cattle and drive heavy farm equipment at an early age.


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Along with Jim’s books, he has put together a selection of “recommended reading” from his personal library for you to enjoy. Please take a look at these fine books.

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I never aspired to be a writer, it found me. It was meant to be.” ~Jim Olson~ Several exciting projects are in the works now! Check out these and previously published works of Jim’s (More info)...


Cowboy Heroes blog is a place where friends gather, read and discuss great articles on Southwestern folk who have made it into Jim’s monthly column. Join in on the fun by going to the My Cowboy Heroes Blog.

Cowboy Motivation blog is a cowboy’s version of the motivational / self help industry with a bit of cowboy philosophy thrown in. Need a "pick me up," feeling "down," are you in to "Positive thinking?" Then you need to check out the Cowboy Motivation blog.

Cowboy Poetry

Like many Westerners with an overactive imagination…and a pen, Jim Dabbles in a little cowboy poetry. Some of which has been published! To see a selection of published poems, go to Jim's Cowboy Poetry.Com page.

Free Bibles

Giving out free Bibles is a community service effort of mine. Everyone should have access to the best selling, number one, self help / motivational book of all time. ~Jim Olson~

For a free Bible (NIV or KJ version depending upon availability) just cover the shipping cost of $3.00 and one will be sent. (More info.)